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Welcome to the website of the Christian Fellowship (Křesťanské společenství) in Prague. Below you will find brief information about our church.

Brief history

Christian Fellowship or Křesťanské společenství, as it is called in Czech, was originally a local congregation of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren in Prague 7 (Holešovice), a mainline Protestant denomination in the Czech Republic. In middle of 1970’s, Sunday service was attended by some thirty, mostly elderly members. In 1980’s the congregation experienced spiritual renewal and started to grow rapidly. Soon several hundreds were involved in the life of the church. During that period, however, church was becoming increasingly different in many ways from the other congregations of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren. Finally, the disagreements on infant baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit led to a decision for independence. The congregation left peacefully and with blessing in 1990. It became an independent Evangelical Charismatic church, called Křesťanské společenství, and, later, the first church of the newly formed denomination of the same name.


You are welcome to visit us at our church’s main building (see address below). Church office is situated there and great part of church’s life takes place here, including some Sunday services, youth meetings and numerous other events during the week. However, during the month church gathers for worship in smaller congregations at several other places all over Prague. There is also Prague Christian Fellowship, an English speaking congregation, that is closely associated with our church.

Na Žertvách 23
Prague 8
180 00
The building is situated close to the Palmovka metro station (line B).

00 420 284 822 294

Sunday Service at the church’s address (above) is on every Sunday 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., except:

  • July-August (church gather at different place during the summer holiday time)
  • the first Sunday of month (all the local congragations of the church gather at one other place)

For more information, please, see our Czech website or contact the office.

Vision of the local KS Prague church

A vision is very important for the life of the chruch and its identity. We need to know what God is calling us into. Therefore, the vision cannot be something that we create by ourselves, but rather what we receive from God. Throughout the history of the local KS Prague church, God has been showing us certain things that he has prepared for us.

The first part of our vision is the purpose of the church.
This purpose is summarized into the slogan ‚Lives transformed by Christ‘.

The second part consists of church core values that we received and which are the standard by which we measure our own lives and the life of the entire church.

These are:

  1. Life (springing) from God’s word
  2. Unceasing prayer
  3. Witnessing God’s holiness
  4. Generous giving

The third part is the strategy we have prayerfully developed to fulfill this purpose. It is currently being realized through „regional homegroup church“.Our present goal is to cover Prague with about 25 ‚regions‘ with an average size of cca 100 adult members so all Prague inhabitants have one of our gatherings within reach.

Our ultimate goal is – in cooperatioon with other churches – to see Prague transformed by the Gospel.


„Regional homegroup church“:

KS Prague church has an unusual structure, being made up of several communities that one might call a „local church“ („sbor“ in Czech). These local churches, however, meet once a month together and because this whole unit (KS Prague) is also called a „local church“ („sbor“), the parts are called „regions“ („region“ in Czech) to differentiate. „Regional could be taken to mean being made up of smaller local churches.

The purpose of the local KS Prague church

The local KS Prague church („sbor KS Praha“ – KS stands for „Křesťanské společenství“ or „Christian community“) is present in the first place for God, not just for people. We want to serve and celebrate God. Our desire is for him to be fond of our lives and comfortable among us in our gatherings.

  • We want to be a place where broken, desperate and seeking people can find love, reception, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement.
  • We want to share the joyful news about the Lord Jesus Christ with people from Prague and its surroundings.
  • We want to be a growing community in which we learn to live and grow in love and where we are continually uncovering „all the counsel of God“. (Acts 20:27)
  • We want to be a community in which spiritual authority is applied according to God’s word. That is, with kindness, without any manipulation yet unambiguous. A community where people learn to submit to each other for the benefit of God’s work in His local church.
  • We want to be a church in which people lead each other to maturity both through teachings presented at large gatherings and through community in homegroups.
  • We want to be a church in which every member can discover and apply his/her spiritual gifts.
  • We want to be a church of people sold to Christ, being transformed from those who receive into those who give.
  • We want to send missionaries to both close and distant places to establish new local churches.
  • We want to always keep in mind that God is a guardian of widows, orphans and all people in need, and want to develop social services both in the church and society.
  • We want to seek unity amongst God’s children. We want to be a blessing to other Christian communities in our country and also to other local churches in Prague and beyond.

We believe that this is God’s plan for us and want to fulfill it to the glory of God.